I like surprises, and can happily wait to be surprised, or keep the surprise a secret until it is ready to be revealed if I’m the “surpriser.”  In the same way, I’ve never liked sharing my works in progress much (as my parents can tell you), preferring to “wait until it’s finished, then I’ll show you.”  With that, and my current art project in mind, what I will offer up here are a few sneak peeks at details of some of the unfinished pieces.  That way you can get a glimpse of portions of the developing work, and still be surprised when the final art is unveiled.  How does that sound?

On a dark and starry night…September early 018

a small flock of sheep grazed peacefully on a hillside,

September early 014

while their shepherds gazed up at the sky, bewildered.

September early 015

To Be Continued…