Yesterday we may have had too much of a good thing…come to think of it, we still have three buckets full of too much of a good thing–C A N D Y ! !

In any case, we got through Halloween, and what a day it was!  We managed to fit in many many good things besides the sweets, which included:

~ making cardboard swords and shields

~ pulling a cardboard box castle out of the garage and installing it in front of the house

~ hanging Halloween-y decorations

~ carving pumpkins

~ celebrating a neighbor’s birthday (with lots of bouncing in a bounce house)

~ dropping off artwork at an exhibition

~ returning  & checking out library books

~ donning costumes

~ trick-or-treating, of course!

(oh yes, and eating, and other necessary chores in between)

Phew twice. (I’m wiping the sweat off my brow 2x, it was also 80 + degrees!)  Some of my favorite photos of the day…

Halloween Day 003

L's lion shield design

Halloween Day 004

Lincoln Log cannister helmet

Halloween Day 017

olive-eyed green snake sub

Don’t you love this finger food from the birthday party?!

Halloween Day 015

devilish deviled eggs

Halloween Day 028

serious pumpkin carvers

Halloween Day 031

Halloween Day 034

draw it on, scoop it out

Halloween Day 039

complicated pumpkin face

Halloween Day 040

funny boy practices his pumpkin face

Halloween Day 044

Haunted Castle

Halloween Day 052

dungeon dweller

Halloween Day 053


Halloween Day 058

ghost and jack -'o-lantern

Halloween Day 060

in the dark

two knights and a musketeer

2 knights and a musketeer, ready for battle

2 knights and a musketeer, ready for anything

Halloween Day 065

Halloween Day 069

Halloween Day 071

Halloween Day 072