Lately I haven’t had much time, if any, to stop and smell the flowers.  I’ve been working hard at some art that I’ll look forward to sharing soon, when I’m all finished.  The kids do a fine job of reminding me that life is going on, seasons are changing, and that they too are growing, every day–and they bring me the flowers to smell when I need to take a break.

The break yesterday came in the form of a hunt for ripe lemons, and involved tree climbing, ladders, rakes, Wiffle Ball bats, and little fingers to do the job.  It turns out we had a truck full!

November 036

Lemon harvest

November 031

Maybe I can knock it down...

November 028

one in each hand

The boys are also keeping a close eye on the progress of our single melon–we think it might be a watermelon–and it is still growing, though slowly!

November 032

mystery melon on the vine

We may try cutting it open for a taste on Thanksgiving Day–if it seems ready.  I’m already thankful for these fruits, not only for the diversion they give us all, but for their color and anticipated taste.   Hmmm… there may be a lemonade stand in our future!