Yes, there is such a place… and we live here!  I like beautiful, sunny days as much as the next person, but I can’t help but feel like there is something relentlessly the same about much of the weather we experience in our part of southern California.  Hmm…maybe that’s because I’m not from here, and I like my four seasons in all of their glorious distinction.  So here we are, and here we live, and suddenly December is upon us, with barely a hint of what I think of as cold.

The Christmas season in Riverside is ushered in promptly, the day after Thanksgiving, with a splashy fireworks and Christmas light display all surrounding the historic Mission Inn downtown.  We caught the tail end of the event last year and got to see all of the lights, but this year managed to make it in time for the countdown to the lights going on.  It was a fun, though crowded event,  and a good way to begin to feel a bit more seasonal spirit.  I’m a sucker for fireworks, anyway!

fireworks over the inn

nice view from up here!

pink sky

this one slept through the whole thing

Feliz Navidad

wonderful window


The light show got us in the mood, but something was still missing.  So what would Mohammed do if he were looking for signs of winter?  He would go to the mountain, of course! 

To be continued…