The answer is yes.  Yes, I’m finished with the 12 pieces of art that I’ve been working on for months!  “Whew” and double “phew,” and just in time.  In time for me to change gears and prepare for the holidays (and to make gift art projects I’ve been planning), and in time for the weather change (it’s been raining for days!), just in time to keep myself sane.  The whole time I’ve been working on these pieces I’ve been thinking about the art/life balancing that a person has to do in order to get it all “done”–in my case it is more of an art/parenting balance that I’m attempting.  I’ll have to write more about that later as I keep reflecting on my experience,  but I wanted to write–here in black and white–that it is hard to do both.  I’m tired out, though proud of myself for finishing, and making it through.

Just to be consistent, I’ll share detail shots of the final two pieces here, and later do a post with all twelve, full shots.

and last but not least…

Of these two, one came together fairly quickly and smoothly, the other felt like a wrestling match.  Art is unpredicatble that way and art-making is not always fun, but I learned from each of them.  While working on the twelve, I felt my head to be over-full of images and ideas, but even then I got ideas for new works to try down the road, when I was done with what I had to do.  So here I am, and now on to what I want to do!