I thought it might be fitting to note that I first began writing this blog just a year ago in December.  I started it as sort of an experiment in correspondence and documentation, a way to share what is happening in the life of my family and in my work, and a way to keep a record of those same things.  I have to admit that I like this form more than I thought I might, though I’m still figuring out what makes sense to me in terms of how best to keep my descriptions simple, and choose just the right pictures, and to say what I want without saying too much.  I’ve appreciated the comments and interest from friends and family on various posts, as well as the sense that this blog does help to connect us in certain ways.  Thanks for keeping up with us!


The year has come full circle, and here we are again in December doing some of the same things we were doing last year–namely, getting ready for Christmas.  We’ve got our mini-stocking advent calendar going, and every day the boys find something left for them by a “Christmas Elf.”  Usually the elf leaves items that will contribute to the overall decorating project, like ornaments, figures for the nativity scenes, Christmas books, etc.  Today the elf left cookie cutters.  Time to help Mom (me) make cookies!

I’ll post some cookie pictures later, once we bake them, but no promises.  The cookies may not turn out because of a minor incident involving a 3-year-old and baking soda, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed…

Here is a taste of early December at at our house:

reading about St. Nicholas

Treats left in their shoes whiles they were sleeping…

a king?

stable arrangements