I’ve been thinking about the ways in which I experience Christmas differently as an adult than I did as a child.  Nothing earth-shakingly surprising there, it is just that on the brink of a new year I like to internally step back from myself, looking back as I begin to look forward.  There is still fun, anticipation, and perhaps a more deep-seated, quiet joy possible in the holiday (holy-day), but those experiences can’t be manufactured or guaranteed.  Sometimes in the midst of all of the activity that must be part of the celebration, it is hard to find the space to be open to the real good that is happening all around.  As I look again at all of the great pictures I took in New Mexico, the real good is obvious.

Our family’s Christmastime had something for adults and children alike, but upon reflection I feel that the best fun and the most joy came from watching the kids in their excitement.  And who wouldn’t be excited about new snow falling…and a surprise tree house…and a Christmas morning treasure hunt!?

A tree house for Christmas!

"Who wears boots and a suit of red?"

And just as if it was planned–and just the thing we’d been hoping and praying for– snow started falling on the eve of Christmas Eve!

pj's and rainboots in the snow

snow poke

hat on the snowman

blue sky Christmas Eve day

It was so beautiful that day that I took way too many pictures–  just like my mom would have done!

adobe gingerbread house

And it kept melting…

perfect for snowballs!

"Gotcha, Mom!"

With this kind of beauty and fun all around, what more could we ask for?!

To Be Continued…