How to capture Christmas Eve in 7 1/2 photos or less?

The sun goes down pink on the Sangre de Christos

the church door is open

I love this proud Mary and pensive Joseph from the Christmas pageant.

homegrown pageant

I wish I had a photo of the really reluctant shepherd who repeated over and over “But I don’t want to be a shepherd!” as he yanked on his dad-shepherd’s hand, while his older brother shepherd recited his memorized lines, all the way down the aisle.  Dad-shepherd finally broke in with a “Apologies for the shepherd who did not have his nap today!”  We laughed, and kept laughing as the little guy could be heard yelling “But I didn’t want to be a shepherd!”  from way down the hall outside the church sanctuary.

Santa Fe, like a painting

Santa did come, and appreciated the carefully chosen cookies, M&Ms, Moon Pie and milk (and carrots for the reindeer!), but that was much much later.