There are so many parts of life I might have written about over the past year, and so many things I never got to.  I decided that rather than leave those moments behind completely, I would post favorite photographs from 2009 here, with the tiniest bit of explanation and leave it at that.

Bird’s eye view of the backyard (February)

two blue hands (November)

box bridge (September)

livingroom tent (May)

proud of his work (May)

my press at work (August)

transparent communion collage (September)

Caught in the act of examining the nude with a flashlight (mommy’s painting), doesn’t like having his picture taken!  (April)

painters  (November)

testing our backyard mystery melon  (November)

light and shadow on downtown church  (March)

contrasting trunks: eucalyptus and palm  (May)

beach silhouettes  (September)

another kind of contrast, finding peace in a protest  (October)

water down the driveway  (June)

oh, how I love trees!  (March)

*I’ve added the months that the photos were taken, just for context.