Of all the bits and pieces of schoolwork that have come home to me this year from my son’s class, my hands-down favorites are his sets of vocabulary words with pencil drawings to illustrate them.  Much of the other work that I see ends up in the recycling bin– the stuff that once would have been erased directly off of a slate, because it was repetitive, for practice.  I’m thinking maybe it’s time to go back to the slate sort of system, but that’s a thought for another day.

I like these drawings because they show how a certain boy’s mind works, and some of them are really funny, or just perfectly illustrated.

word sheet

Just what you would expect from a cricket…

a mouse…

an elephant…

and a barn.

But here’s where it gets interesting:

those guys are certainly up to something!

The real dinner is happening under the table.


will the rope be enough?

And this one is a true cliff-hanger.

And the chase is on!


I think his teacher realized that there was a good reason that he didn’t get finished.

But here’s the one that really cracked me up:

I asked the artist if the words in the balloons said “la la,” and he said “Yeah mom, that’s the Singing in the Rain guy.  He’s singing and dancing.”  Then I took a second look and I saw the umbrella, and the lamp post, and of course, the dancing guy is swinging around the lamp post, way off the ground.  Just like Gene Kelly (or the spoof of the same scene in the movie Robots, with a “singing in the oil” robot, which may have been more recently viewed in our house) I had to laugh at this dancing picture, but doubted the teacher even noticed.   Ah well, her loss.

One more coyote picture for the road,  complete with a pile of rocks, siren sound effect (weoo weoo), dog barking (raf) , and coyote howling (arooo), as heard in our backyard 2 weeks ago.


He couldn't resist a fire truck, could he?