pb&j hearts

I had a little fun with our contribution to a preschool potluck this week, where the kids celebrated Valentine’s Day early…

heart-shaped cookie cutters

I want this one!

Making the hearts was easy, though sticky, and I used a few different sized cookie cutters to minimize waste.  Potato bread and whole wheat bread made a nice light dark pattern on the sandwich platter, and all the kids got to choose the size and color sandwich they liked.

Over the week we had a couple of Valentine making sessions, this time using one long sheet of red paper, with lots of stamping and sponge painting to create our hearts.  Later we cut out the hearts and the boys insisted that they needed chocolate kisses attached, because that’s what we did last year.  This is the way traditions get formed, I guess, but I like the idea of a chocolate kiss tradition.

another use for a cookie cutter


Kisses and Hugs to you and yours, a few chocolate kisses too!