On Monday my cousin Margie and I met for a long planned book-making date, our own little celebration of having President’s Day off.  My favorite way to teach book binding is one-on-one, especially when it is with one of my favorite people and I can count on good conversation, good company, and good craft.  Margie had a specific book in mind, a journal, for her upcoming trip to the famed city of Paris, France.  Ooh, la, la, is she excited?  Oui.  Am I envious? Vraiment, in the best possible way!

I love the idea of making books for a given purpose, and in Margie’s case she will be able to write in her journal, attach meaningful bits of paper (those cool sugar packets, ticket stubs, etc) and leave some room for special photos.  She has promised to show me the finished project, so I can do a bit of vicarious traveling too!

I cut the paper for the text pages from various colored papers from my stash to the size Margie needed, then I used the off-cut ends for my own smaller book.  After we each chose cover papers and glued them up on cover boards we pierced the pages for the Single Needle Coptic Binding.  As the newest binding I’ve been working on, I still need to refresh my memory as I work on it, but it gets easier every time.

Here’s Margie at work on her gorgeous blue book:

gluing up the cover paper

more glue

And now to the sewing…

proper thread tension is key!

almost there!

Sometimes our conversation was interesting enough to distract from perfect sewing, but nothing that couldn’t be reversed and fixed with careful  needle re-direction.  I threw as many French words into our “workshop” as I could, et voilà, we were finished! (It helped that Paul took the boys out to the park while we were on the sewing phase…)

my little book, vintage marbled cover

travel journal

les deux

Bon voyage, Margie, we’ll all be waiting to hear about your adventures, and to see what comes back in your book!