I’m beginning to get back into a daily drawing groove, and I’m finding that each sketch seems to come a little more freely than the last.  Yesterday, I had a fun drawing time alongside my youngest, while he painted with watercolors.  I got out the water, paper, paints, a plastic table cover for him, and a selection of brushes.  T chose his first brush by saying, “Mom, I want the red one!  It’s shiny-er and goldy-er on the top.”  I couldn’t argue with that apt description!

While he painted, I got out my black ink drawing and painting supplies and little sketchbook, and sat myself opposite him to try to sketch him while he worked.  At a certain point I looked over at his watercolor and said, “That is beautiful.”

watercolor painter

He immediately shot back with, “Mom, it’s not beautiful. It’s Star Wars.  And Star Wars is not beautiful.”  I thought I knew what he was trying to say; the sky is beautiful, flowers are beautiful, and many other things are beautiful, but Star Wars is action-filled battle scenes, good vs. evil across the galaxy, not mere beauty.

making sound effects

O.K.  I got it.  I would not say that again about his picture.  After a minute of silence he says to me, “Mom, you know what? It’s still not beautiful.”  Then he goes on to narrate the painting “The blue is coming.  They’re coming to the rescue to save the other purple…”  and that’s all I wrote down, but there was much more along those color lines.

rescuing the purple

So maybe it’s not beautiful, but it is most definitely active and poetic.

Star Wars, in the eye of the beholder.

T, in the eye of the beholder.