I’ve been mulling March over since it was over, and trying to think of the best way to express just what kind of crazy month it was.  Here’s the thing; as I hinted at earlier, March was lion-ish, but not in the ways you might expect.  The weather was perfectly pleasant and spring-like, cool even –for California– with sunny tawny days.  But then there were the beastly things of life that seemed to keep clawing out of the underbrush, and not just in a playful way.

First, our computer crashed. As everyone knows a crashed computer is a bear–no need to go into details.  Then out of the blue, the specter of the burst housing market bubble appeared right in our living room, and because we don’t own our house we found ourselves at the mercy of another person’s misfortune.  Looking for a new living arrangement had not been in our plans, until now.  So here we were with the feeling of a rug being pulled out from under us trying to get our feet back on the ground, one at a time.

L.A. wild Things mural

The pendulum, as it happens, has a way of swinging back, and swing it did.  With back-to-back visits in late March from family and friends, we were reminded in good ways of the love and support that extends beyond our immediate horizons. What fun to get to share our California home with a teenage cousin and grandma, and then to have our dear friends from Chicago for almost a week!  Life is good, even when it is challenging, and and though I welcome an inquisitive tidepool octopus any day, menacing rattlesnakes in the grass I can do without.  But that is a story for another day…

octopus in the wild

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