The boys had a big surprise waiting for me and my youngest son when we got back from our trip last week– a new pet fish in a fishbowl sitting on the kitchen counter.  We’re working our way up to a dog, but thought a fish would not only be good practice, but keep the boys focused on taking care of their new creature while we were away.

Here’s what L wrote about the fish at school, along with an illustration of the “Mr. Blue” in his bowl, and one of a fish tank he remembered from the pet store.

"Mr. Blue", with index finger and hand on the bowl

fish tank

The slightly disgruntled looking fish and the alert crab are my favorites, but I’m always impressed by L’s visual memory when he draws.

The next couple of pictures are the best of the vocabulary illustrations from school:

soccer, gathered

The “soccer” picture is classic.  There is so much action in the little square, including a face-off at the goal, two players flat on the ground, and one who looks to be in the middle of a Pelé-type move in the air above the ball.

the pitch

above the ball

If you look carefully at the illustration for “gathered,” you might be able to guess what kind of gathering this is.  Hint: look at the green guy’s ears.


If you guessed “Yoda and the Jedi Council,” you are correct.

And another from the school sports files:

making the basket

And, after a trip to the school garden…

can you see the hummingbird on the left?

Eventually I want to bind these drawings together into a book, and I have a feeling there may be a stack of books when I’m done.

To be continued!