My creative extended family, I will admit without embarrassment, is one thing I could be guilty of being a little too proud of.  Though why not appreciate and celebrate each others’ good work and gifts?!  They know who they are, and among them are teachers, designers, painters, photographers, dancers, poets, theologians, actors, musicians, and those who work magic with wood, or fabric, or food, or whatever is at hand.  I consider myself lucky in the relative department, but constantly bemoan the geography that separates us.

Today a package came in the mail, a birthday present for me, from my mom and my aunt–I knew it had to be good!  My mom has a knack for putting together colorful, thoughtful presents and she’d already dropped a hint about the one on the way.  My Aunt Ellen is one of the above mentioned talented people, who happens to make gorgeous garments and slippers, and, they both know what I like.

Bohemian Threads!

Inside, I found just what I wanted!

Blues, greens, violets…

close-up colors

My 7 year old photographer took these shots of me wearing my new robe.  I love it.

the back

I’m already looking forward to waking up tomorrow morning, sliding on my luscious rayon robe, and drinking my first cup of coffee in comfort and style. Nothing compares to beautiful and useful.

Thanks, Mom and Aunt Ellen, for the perfect gift for this milestone birthday.  I’m not going to want to take it off.