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I'll get a pole

Summer arrived on Monday afternoon, or at least the kind of summer day activity that kids tend to find for themselves, found them, in our sunny back yard.

We needed a fishing pole, and fast.  The littlest brother was imagining that his older brother’s broken but repairable wooden bow was a fishing pole , and I knew the chances were good of that scenario turning out badly.  I quickly suggested an alternative.  “Let’s make a new fishing pole, just for you.”

Great, he liked that idea, and liked helping tie the yarn on a stick, and twisting a hook out of bendy wire.  When a household has the number of sticks collected and accumulated that we do, the right stick for the job might be just an arm’s length away.  Lucky for us, as the fishing fever caught on quicker than you can say…”honey.”

Pole number two, coming right up.  Yarn, check.  Bendy wire hook, check.

fishing hole

Do we have a real pond in our back yard?  No.  But we have water, a hose, mud, and buckets, and a wheelbarrow.  Do we have any real fish in our back yard?  No.  But we have plenty of fleashes, lishes, and fleaves.

fleaves in the lish pond

“You get a line, and I’ll get a pole, babe…”

“You get a line, I’ll get a pole, and we’ll go down to the crawdad hole…”

catch and release

Or, the back yard mud hole, as the case may be.  Whatever keeps the fishermen happy.

the catch