A quick sketch of the big picture to fill in some gaps from weeks past:

secrets in the garden

We have moved into our first house, and though the work of putting the pieces back together and stretching into our new space is exciting in its potential for some measure of permanence, the sheer size of the project overwhelms me at times.  I am very ready to not be living between cardboard boxes, and to send them on their way when they are empty.  Unless of course we need to make another hide-away or other kids’ cardboard structure, then a few of the boxes will be put to re-use.

My “to do” list seems to staying consistently long, and even as I check off any number of small household projects, others seem to magically appear just as my focus shifts.  Warnings about home ownership and the responsibilities involved have already turned out to be true, just as the pleasures of owning a place are evident as we literally put down roots.  One of my first gardening projects involved digging up and transplanting roses in need of more sun, and filling the shady bed with with leafy shade-tolerant types of plants.  My previously potted lavender and sage are now happily settled in the ground, stretching their leaves to the sun, and their roots in the earth.  May they grow tall and attract many butterflies and bees.

shed gets a haircut

In the midst of all this change, the constant job of parenting young children happens everyday, in all of its unpredictable forms.  I can’t say that it has all been easy and that my patience hasn’t been tested, but the boys are happy and adjusting to this phase, just as they have every other.  As a family we’ve reached a certain milestone, with two boys now in school, and the third, thrilled with preschool.  I’m thrilled too.

On the artist front, I’ve been teaching a little art this summer through the local art museum, and will be adding two more classes in the coming months, and perhaps more.  Teaching for me is one kind of creative outlet, and making art is another.  I’ve got that “chomping-at-the-bit” feeling about getting back to making my own art, and later will report in about some art pieces I made over the summer months.

the open door reveals...a pile of bricks!?

Here’s to a little more artist time, and back to blogging about it as I can!