November slipped by with hardly a word from me, not because I had nothing to write, but because my days were so full.  Before we hit a solid week into December, I wanted to share some late November beauty as photographed here in southern California.  As the almost winter light shifts, so the plants and trees go through new phases, and I’m still surprised.

This Agave stalk is about as tall as I am, and bigger around than one of my legs.

frosty looking cactus

It is the light, and the green, and the red…

and more subtle shades of green.

Then there is this tree, like something out of epic Tolkien…

and I can’t stop taking pictures.

Further along our walk, we saw and old friend, awake from his nap.

muddy back

light, shade, reflection

What a great old guy.

And last, up the hill through the bamboo grove…

they went.

view through the trees

And later, elsewhere, on our other favorite walk…

stone steps and cactus shadows

path through the rocks

there were more stairs to climb, bridges to cross, and castle towers to explore.

looking for a point of view

I’m learning to really appreciate  different kinds of seasonal markers, as I watch the changes in the landscape around me, I do see another side of Autumn, and another side of winter.  Different, but good.