We like to talk about the weather.  Why?  Because it is something we experience in common when we live in the same region, and something that upon description gives us sense of the day-to-day climate that surrounds friends and family far away from us.  In these blog posts I find myself coming around again and again to the weather and the seasons as they happen in our still relatively recent home.  It seems fitting to mark these passages, not only because time is passing, but because the cycles of the earth and sky remind me to pay attention to those changes and to the natural world.  By paying attention,  I am reminded, too, of my humanity.

sunrise over the desert, as seen out the car window

For Christmas this year, we made another road trip, managing miraculously (and by diligent study of satellite weather maps)  to skirt the worst of the California rainstorms, and the snowstorms as they dumped foot after foot of snow on the Rocky Mountains.  Because the roads were mostly clear, we were able to cover hundreds of miles on our first long day of driving.  I couldn’t stop myself from snapping photos out the van window of the changing sky and landscape as we drove.

wires across the clouds

jet trails

early morning in the back seat

There is something about driving that stitches these long distances together, in a way that flying on an airplane can never do.  I imagine a needle and thread, and the fabric is the land, as we wend our way in miniature from point A to point B, leaving a clear trail of colored thread behind us.  And we arrive.

walk to the Rio Chama

And the land is familiar.

winter grasses

tractor tracks

And our people are there…

bedtime story

and they send us on our way with love and goodies for the journey, and we stitch some more…


southern Colorado range


and on the way find more of our people where they live…

Mt. Blanca

65 mph

and we stitch some more, and make a knot.

cousins' football game

We look up to the sky over Colorado on Christmas Day:

and merry and beautiful it was!

lighting the center candle

We look to the sky and and stand on the ground, and talk about the weather, and our selves, and our lives, in this, our time together.

path in the grass


And we try to make the most of it before we stitch up the distance again.


dashboard friends, near UT, AZ, NV

back to CA

Upon returning, we’ve sewn the distance, and seen that the land is of a piece, and that the sky goes on and on.   When we talk about the weather, what we are really saying is that these elements arching over us and under us, tie us, and even in our separate places we are connected.

And for this we are grateful.

Happy New Year everybody!