It is amazing what a coat of paint can do.  I’ve written before about giving old things new life with a little fix-it attention and a coat of paint, and once again I’ve been working on just that.

The first project to require a spit and polish job was our old hand-me-down pedal-less bike, a favorite of all my kids, now the worse for wear.  The poor wooden bike was left out to weather in the heavy December rains, by accident, and the plywood was flaking apart.

This is the bike before, looking fairly beaten up:

the bike

With a bit of sanding and clean up, the bike was more or less ready for paint.  I taped over the tires and rims, and found a burgundy color of spray paint in our garage.


After adding some zig-zag taping and gold paint…


greased lightning



Somehow that coat of paint and lightning stripe made the bike much faster, at least that’s what the riders tell me.

Another paint project still in the works is a kid-sized card table that I bought at a garage sale for $5.  The initial clean up was done and first coats have been painted, but with some more fancy taping, we’ll eventually have a checkerboard/chalkboard table top.

pulling off the tape

and a little more red

For me it is important to show the kids that by fixing our belongings we can use them longer, and in the process put our stamp on them, making them more unique and more our own.  In the end, I’m not sure what I like more, envisioning the old thing transformed, or actually making it happen.

Stay tuned for the finished table!