Before the month is out, and before putting away the Easter supplies, I have to include photos of  the eggs of 2011.  This year I didn’t take any action shots during our Ukrainian egg dying, but the after shots will do!

The Saturday before Palm Sunday marked the now annual cousins’ egg dying afternoon with Margie.  While I made a kind of groovy colorful “mouse in the garden” egg, she made gorgeous turquoise and black design in the more traditional vein.  Then, the day before Easter there was another round of egg dying with the kids, which produced a number of vivid scribbly eggs (Jackson Pollock eat your heart out, again!), and two more from me.

Margie cleans off the wax

cool bird upside down

Finished egg!

succulent nest

this one started out as a naturally green egg...

We’ll make honorary Ukrainians yet!