I am an artist who likes to combine the arts of drawing, painting, printmaking, papermaking, bookmaking, writing, and child raising, any way I can, every day.  I have recently been transplanted in southern California with my family, which includes me, my husband, and three sons.

All artwork pictured here is property of the artist (me), unless otherwise noted.  Please do not copy or reproduce it without my permission, thanks!


4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Lori Spillman said:

    How do you find the time to do this too?

  2. kellyrider said:

    You’ll notice I keep it short and sweet as possible–I’ve committed to not spending too much time on the computer, but I think of it as a correspondence, and that helps.

  3. Kelly–I’ve gotten back to your blog after a while and it does me good to see all these projects! I am dying for warmer weather here—it was about 15 below this a.m. when we all woke up—so that I can get the kids outside and put them to work! Perhaps they can help put a layer of paint on the coop that will soon be built to house our chickens…….I hope you’re all well. Drop a line when you can.


  4. junipergardens said:

    Kelly–if you have a sec, check out junipergardens at wordpress. I’m trying my hand at a blog, at the urging of a neighbor and after inspiration from you and christiana….

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